If you’ve ever wondered why you need to change your HVAC filters on a regular basis, you’re not alone.  The primary purpose of a filter is to protect the internal components of your air conditioning equipment from dirt and dust although modern-day filters are also effective at reducing allergens. 

Importance of Air Filters 

Many homeowners aren’t aware that the leading cause of AC unit failure is dirt and lack of maintenance.  Failure to change air conditioning filter components allows dust and debris to accumulate in the blower fans and air ducts restricting air flow.  This will force your system to work longer and harder resulting in increased energy bills as well as wear and tear which shortens the operating life of an HVAC system. 

Air Filter Performance 

If you are thinking of upgrading your home’s air filter, it’s important to consider its filter efficiency and size.  Filter efficiency is indicated by MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value).  The higher the MERV, the more particles it can capture in your HVAC system.  Most air conditioners come with a MERV 4 filter which gives the right balance between efficiency and air cleanliness.  If the filter is too strong, your air conditioner could be at risk of damage.  Whatever you choose, be sure to clean or replenish your filter on a regular basis. 

At Blackwell Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we know that neglected air filters are often the cause of poor cooling, air flow, and efficiency, as well as faster wear and tear on your AC unit.  We can help with regular filter maintenance to help your system breathe easier while extending its life.  Contact one of our experienced technicians at 910-483-4696 to get an expert opinion on all your air conditioning needs. 

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